Update: First 134 and 241GHz QSO in Austria

We received from Gerald OE2IGL correction of our news about first-ever QSO on 134 and 241GHz in Austria. After checking some data, Rudi OE5VRL and Gerald OE2IGL made on the 8th of November 2019 the first-ever 241GHz QSO in Austria. On 134GHz Rudi OE5VRL made before a QSO with Michael DB6NT (19th May 2019). So Rudi and Gerald made not first-ever QSO on 134GHz in Austria, but they made a first QSO between two OE stations on this frequency.

Whatever guys made a big achievement!

So on the 19th of May Rudi OE5VRL and Michael DB6NT made first-ever 134 GHz QSO in Austria. Locators were JN87HW and JN88DB. They used the next equipment:

OE5VRL/3 Rudi:

  • 30 cm prime focus dish
  • Noise figure 16 dB
  • Tx power CW 0.5 mW

OE/DB6NT/P Michael:

  • 40 cm prime focus dish
  • Noise figure 7 dB
  • Tx power CW 30 mW

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