UK MICROWAVE GROUP –Scatterpoint 2019

UK Microwave group scatterpoint

All Scatterpoint issues from 2019 have been published as a PDF and are now available for free download.

In 2019 issues you can find many interesting articles like: 

  • Eyal Gal Module for 10 GHz
  • A 52 MHz to 13.6 GHz Signal Generator Based on the ADF5355
  • 24GHz Personal Beacon using Alcatel ‘White Box’ Tx Module
  • Horns for 122GHz Transceiver

Index list for 2019 you can find <here>

Download link for all issues is <here>

If you want to read a current issue you must become a member of the UK Microwave Group. Here you can find a membership form and instructions on how to make a payment.

Enjoy reading!

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