UK Microwave group scatterpoint

All Scatterpoint issues from 2018 have been published as a PDF and are now available for free download. Scatterpoint is a great publication for every microwave enthusiast. In 2018 issues you can find many interesting articles like:

  • Good 10 GHz Feedhorns That You Can Buy by W1GHZ
  • A Handy Signal Generator for 10GHz (and other frequencies) by G4HIZ
  • Offset Dish Alignment by G7JTT
  • ADF5355 Synthesizer Control by G4JNT
  • A horn antenna for 6cm PAL TV by G3YJR
  • 3D Printed horn antennas by M1EGI
  • Low Power RF Power Meter by G8CUL

Direct link for download 2018 issues:

If you want reading a current issue you must become a member of the UK Microwave Group. Here you can find a membership form and instructions on how to make a payment.

UK Microwave Group also published a calendar with microwave events in the 2020 year.

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