Kuhne electronic – Amateur Radio product line

Kuhne Electronic DB6NT

We received an answer from Kuhne electronic about the future of the amateur radio product line: ALARIS HOLDINGS LTD 4 August 2022 Dear valued Kuhne electronic Customers Kuhne electronic – Amateur Radio product line Thank you for your interest and concern with regards to Kuhne’s Amateur Radio product line.Alaris Holdings, founded in 1997, is a global radio frequency technology holding…

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Machining and Microwaves

G4DBN ham radio machining microvawes amateur radio

In microwaves projects, especially above 10GHz, we oft need also a lot of mechanical components. Neil G4DBN presenting on his YouTube channel machining skills on lathe and milling machines. Neil G4DBN description of his YouTube channel: Machining and Ham Radio microwave and mm-wave radio experimentation. I make things, machine stuff on my Colchester lathe and Bridgeport mill, model things in…

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200 mW on 122/134 GHz by Michael DB6NT

DB6NT 122 134 GHzamateurradio hamradio power amplifier Endstufe

Most of the millimeter wave mixers used in the amateur radio sector are subharmonic mixers thatare also used for transmission. The transmission power generated in this way is usually around 0.2mW SSB or even less. Power amplifier chips for these frequencies are offered by Teledyne. Thesechips achieve a power of over 200 mW at 23 dB gain (TSC 115-145G-5S4C). However,…

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