24 GHz AirScatter between IK2OFO and DK3SE

24 GHz QOS Airscatter between IK2OFO and DK3SE

On 16th October made Roberto IK2OFO and Salvatore DK3SE an Airscatter CW QSO on 24 GHz. The distance between these two stations is 313 km! On IK2OFO web you can read a article about these very interesting QSO: Two New one: QSO AirScatter in CW a  24 GHz, QSO I-DL 24 GHz!! Used equipment: DK3SE Radio: IC 706 MKII + PANADAPTER…

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IARU R1 UHF/SHF Contest 2021

OE8WOZ microwave 24GHz 76GHz 122GHz

Next weekend is the IARU R1 UHF/SHF contest. The contest begins on 02.10.2020, 14:00 UTC, and runs to 3.10.2020 14:00 UTC. This contest is a great chance to testing your microwave equipment in contest conditions. Rules you can find here Rules IARU R1 50/70 MHZ, 145 MHZ and UHF/µW contest. Don’t forget to announce your activities on OK2KKW web pages. We…

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66th UKW-Tagung Weinheim goes virtaual-only

Weiheim UKW Tagung 2021

The organizer of UKW-Tagung in Weinheim decided to shift the meeting, due to COVID-19 concerns, in the online format. Call for papers is still open, you can register for a presentation via a shared online platform until August 28, 2021. The lectures are not limited to VHF topics but include everything that is of interest to the technology-loving amateur. A lecture is scheduled for 25…

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60th anniversary of first OK QSO on 10GHz

OK2KKW first OK amateur radio 10GHz QSO

From OK2KKW webpage, a nice story about first OK QSO on 10 GHz: Another piece, representing the level of our technology, they had with them at Klínovec OK1KAD – the first device for 10 GHz, equipped with a klystron and a superheat receiver. Unfortunately, due to an unfavorable coincidence, the connection failed to a greater distance. One of the facilities…

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Contests on the first weekend in August

Alpe Adria, Bayerische Berg Tag, DARC Sommer Fielday, OK Letni QRP

On the first weekend in August don’t forget to participate in some of few “field day” style contests: Sommer-BBT Contest (2m to 6cm) DARC UKW-Sommer-Fieldday (2m to 6cm) ALPE-ADRIA VHF CONTEST (2m) OK Letní QRP Contest (2m) We wish you nice weather and good propagation! Enjoy! Photo credit: Photo by 🧔‍♂️ Michal Kmeť on Unsplash

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