New Icom IC-705 QRP all mode transceiver

Icom IC-705 IC 705

At Orlando Hamcation 2020 is presented a new IC-705, the rig will be released in April of this year (hopefully). The small package offers a lots of functions, like a big base station. A new rig can also be a interesting for microwave transverters. Supported will be 0.5W output mode what is useable for many transverters. We can’t find info…

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DORSTEN – GHz Meeting

Dorsten GHz Tagung UKW

Next Saturday, 15th February 2020, in Dorsten is a well-known GHz meeting. The meeting is organized by the DARC, the local club “Herrlichkeit-Lembeck”, and the DARC district “Westphalia-north”. The GHz-Tagung is supported by the local adult education center. Programm is rich and very interesting (please use Google translate): Tagungsprogramm der 43. GHz-Tagung in Dorsten am 15. Februar 2020 09:00 Uhr…

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DUR – GHz – Activity Contest

Dresdener UKW Runde DUR Contest

We are always happy when we can promote amateur radio activities on microwaves. Here we bring a rules for DUR contest, Dresdener UKW Runde: In order to increase the activity on the GHz bands, the Dresdner UKW-Runde in cooperation with the VHF department of the DARC district of Saxony hosts this competition. Date: every third Sunday of a month between…

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Winter QRP Contests

BBT contest Der Bayerischer Bergtag

Don’t miss QRP contests next weekend: Der Bayerische Bergtag  – Winter part: Datum Tag UTC MEZ Band Log 01.02 Samstag  09:00-11:00  10:00-12:00  1.296 GHz  17.02 11:00-13:30 12:00-14:30 2.320 GHz  17.02 11:00-13:30 12:00-14:30 3.400 GHz  17.02 11:00-13:30 12:00-14:30 5.760 GHz  17.02 02.02 Sonntag 09:00-11:00 10:00-12:00 432 MHz  17.02 11:00-13:00 12:00-14:00 144 MHz  17.02 22.02 Samstag 09:00-13:00 10:00-14:00 24 GHz und höher…

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