2022 New first connections on mmWave bands: Germany – Denmark – Sweden

DB6NT with his RIG in Schausende on mmWave expedition

About DB6NT and DK5NJ microwave DX expedition and first connection on mmWaves DL – OZ – SM on 122 GHz, 134 GHz, 241 GHz, and 660nm Laser you can read in DK5NJ article 2022 New first connections on mmWave bands: Germany – Denmark – Sweden Congratulations on a very successful DXpedition! Picture: from the original article

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200 mW on 122/134 GHz by Michael DB6NT

DB6NT 122 134 GHzamateurradio hamradio power amplifier Endstufe

Most of the millimeter wave mixers used in the amateur radio sector are subharmonic mixers thatare also used for transmission. The transmission power generated in this way is usually around 0.2mW SSB or even less. Power amplifier chips for these frequencies are offered by Teledyne. Thesechips achieve a power of over 200 mW at 23 dB gain (TSC 115-145G-5S4C). However,…

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OK1UFL – 122GHz version according to VK3CV

OK1UFL 122GHZ radio amateur microwave transverter

Mila OK1UFL shared his experience about assembling and using a VK3CV transverter for 122GHz. Mila tested also a few 10MHz oscillators to improve frequency stability. He used a camping 40 cm offset dish and is nice to view how to find focus. Link to the original article in the Czech language (use google translate options or similar): https://ok1em.blogspot.com/2021/02/test.html Enjoy reading!…

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