Some of new microwave videos from YouTube

9A4QV AdalmPluto 10GHz amateur radio equipment

We made a choice of microwave videos from the last few months. If you know of some other interesting videos please share them with us, we will share them also.

Enjoy watching!

YO5AXB – First test in 241 GHz in YO make by YO5AXB in 24.09.2020
I1KFH – transverter 47 GHz – test tx
I1KFH – transverter 47 GHz – test rx
OK1EM test of VK3CV 122 GHz transverter, distance 11.3 km
OK1EM – Transverter 122 GHz 1st version of VK3CV transverter
OE5VRL – 122 GHz 48.5 km QSO between OE5VRL/5 and OE5LJM/5
UKuG 122 GHz & VK3CV Transceiver talk by Barry Chambers G8AGN
ADALM-PLUTO RX on 10 GHz using only one component
First 10GHz QSO for
10GHz EME station
DL1CR 100 Jahre Rundfunk auf 10GHz
IZ7PDX – WFM tx 10Ghz con HB100
UR3VKC – 5.7GHz snow scatter, receiving beacon UR3VKE

Featured Image: screenshoot 9A4QV tube

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