RF lecture series

Jeffrey Walling RF lecture series

Jeffrey Walling posted on YouTube a very interesting RF lecture series. Mr. Walling is Principal Engineer at Qualcomm and Professor on the University of Utah. He is an Experienced electrical engineer with emphasis on CMOS mixed signal, analog and RF circuit and system design.

In this video, we examine why we use radio frequencies (RF) and other high frequencies. We learn that at higher frequencies antenna geometries become smaller, we have more available bandwidth for communications, better spatial resolution, etc.
In this video, we will examine the concept of modulation and how it relates to basic transmitter architecture.
In this video, we examine the Friis equation, which gives a quick and optimistic estimate of losses in the wireless channel, which begins to tell us how much power we need to transmit to receive a certain amount of power at a remote receiver. Friis omits attenuation due to absorption and fading,
In this lecture, we begin to examine impedance transformations using series-to-parallel impedance conversions in two-element LC “L-match” circuits. We examine upward and downward impedance transformations and the limitations of a 2-element match.

We believe, soon coming more lectures. Also, on Mr. Walling YouTube channel you can find a lot of older interesting lectures. Enjoy watching!

Direct link on YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wallingphd/featured

Photo: screenshot from the video

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