New distance record over 63,987 km at the 241 GHz

DB6NT DK5NJ 241 GHz Record microwave radio amateur equipment

We did it again … NEW new distance record over 63,987 km at the 241 GHz Band DB6NT – DK5NJ

On March 6th, 2021 during the March Contest, Michael DB6NT and Matthias DK5NJ decided to start a new record attempt in the 241 GHz band due to the good weather conditions for the millimeter waves.

First, DB6NT drove together with Matthias DG2NES to Schöneck in JO60DJ. Matthias DK5NJ stayed at the Schwedenwache (DK0NA) in JO50TI. There he devoted himself to the contest in the 70 cm band while waiting. The weather report already indicated that the connection to Schöneck could work: With a relative humidity of approx. 36 % and + 3 ° C temperature – with bright sunshine and clear sight – the first record was set to great cheers on both sides this day with a bridged distance of approx. 52 km.

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Contgratulation to Michael DB6NT and Matthias DK5NJ!

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