Need Your Support

I need your support for further editing of GHz Europe web pages! I don’t need financial support or anything like that.

Besides two jobs, schooling, and family responsibilities, I don’t have enough time to search news on the internet and edit web pages alone, I need your support, your help.

Therefore, I’m looking for your support with information, articles, pictures… So you can support GHz Europe with news about your microwaves projects (antennas, transverters, amplifiers, LNAs…), about your microwave club or society (meetings, webpages…), about your participation and results in contests…

If you run a small business or podcast or Youtube channel, share with us, on GHz Europe we will promote you without any costs. Check out our promotional offer.

At the moment I can pay for your support, I can just promise a BBQ party at Ham Radio fair in Friedrichshafen and I will try to organize a short meeting for all microwavers at the fair.

My e-mail for contact is

Thank you in advance!

Drago Štokić DK6DD/9A6NDD

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS from Pexels

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