NanoVNA 2.0 first photos

NanoVNA 2.0 cover

First photos of the NanoVNA 2.0 prototype have been uploaded to the NanoVNA forum. We have already written about a new version of very popular NanoVNA, but in short, new model comes with the next characteristics:

  1. Frequency range from 50kHz to 3GHz, probably usable up to 3.5GHz
  2. Typical S11 floor is -50dB up to 2GHz and -40dB up to 3GHz
  3. -70dB S21 floor below 2GHz and -60dB floor up to 3GHz
  4. 4″ display
  5. Price around 60$

More info you can also find on and in NanoVNA forum.

NanoVNA 2.0
NanoVNA 2.0 PCB
NanoVNA 2.0 display

Photos from NanoVNA forum.

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