Machining and Microwaves

G4DBN ham radio machining microvawes amateur radio

In microwaves projects, especially above 10GHz, we oft need also a lot of mechanical components. Neil G4DBN presenting on his YouTube channel machining skills on lathe and milling machines.

Neil G4DBN description of his YouTube channel:

Machining and Ham Radio microwave and mm-wave radio experimentation. I make things, machine stuff on my Colchester lathe and Bridgeport mill, model things in Fusion360, run E-M simulations on OpenEMS, circuit sims on QUCS Studio. I operate on ham bands from 136 kHz to 122 GHz, although rarely between 2 MHz and 1 GHz. I like moonbounce, tropo, meteor scatter, aircraft scatter and rain scatter propagation. Happy to use digital or analogue modes, love Morse too. Also do longwave IR and visible light cloud-bounce and VLF listening, so might post about ANYTHING machining or radio related. Neil Smith G4DBN IO93NR Yorkshire, UKmachining

G4DBN YouTube channel:

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Picture credit: G4DBN, screenshot from video

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