Kuhne electronic – Amateur Radio product line

Kuhne Electronic DB6NT

We received an answer from Kuhne electronic about the future of the amateur radio product line:


4 August 2022

Dear valued Kuhne electronic Customers

Kuhne electronic – Amateur Radio product line

Thank you for your interest and concern with regards to Kuhne’s Amateur Radio product line.
Alaris Holdings, founded in 1997, is a global radio frequency technology holding and investment company. As a
Group of companies, we are focused on developing our own products based on our own IP. We provide
technologically advanced solutions and products to customers across multiple markets from defence, aviation,
marine and wireless, to industrial, healthcare, research communities and government institutes.
The acquisition of Kuhne electronic is complimentary to the strategic roadmap outlined for the Group and the
interest remains to invest further into the company in future and see it grow and prosper. In response to some
concerns and questions being raised in the community about the future of the Kuhne electronic’s Amateur Radio
product offering, we felt that we owed it to our customers to provide some clarity.
There are currently no plans to stop servicing or to radically alter our offerings into the Amateur Radio market.
Further discussions will take place in the coming months and years to plan a viable future for the product line, as
would be done in any normal course of business.
Looking to the future, as we do with the other subsidiaries and product lines in the Alaris Group, a technology
roadmap will be developed together with Kuhne’s engineering team to cement a vision for future developments
in the product line. Indeed, we’d love to hear what suggestions you, the Amateur Radio community, might have
for future products so we can incorporate them into our thinking. Don’t forget that that the Alaris Group brings a
few new capabilities that might make for interesting times in the future!
Yours faithfully
Dr Chris Vale
Chief Technical Officer, Alaris Holdings Ltd.

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