KRAKsat – Polish scientific satellite

KRAKsat polish satellite

KRAKsat mission started at 3.7.2019. Satellite is built in Poland from students of the University of Science and Technology and Jagiellonian University.

And what is KRAKsat: “ KRAKsat is a project of scientific satellite. Students of University of Science and Technology and Jagiellonian University build a CubeSat that was send into space on April 17th 2019. Not only it is one of the first CubeSat type satellite in Poland but also the first satellite in the world which uses magnetic liquid, called ferrofluid, for orientation control. The main task for our satellite is to check how the magnetic liquid, called ferrofluid, will act in the space. We are trying to use it as a flywheel in outer space where is no gravitation, by putting it in rotary motion in magnetic field. If we succeed, the liquid should rotate with expected velocity and change the direction of rotational speed of the satellite “ *

For radio amateurs is interesting downlink signal on 435.500 Mhz (AFSK 1200). More info about amateur radio participation in these project you can find on:

More info about the project and current status you can find also on:


Photos: KRAKsat Facebook

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