Homemade VNA up to 6 GHz

VNA Henrik Forstén

Microwave measurement equipment is very expensive, especially for amateur radio use. On flea markets, we can find much old equipment, some older than 40 years. With old equipment is always a problem with repair and maintenance. VNAs offer is not so often, especially for good (reasonable) price, with Spectrum Analyzer is a bit better. So we can try bought something on eBay or flea markets, or make a measure on ham radio (microwave) meetings, or build some by home.

Henrik Forstén has built a one excellent Vector Network Analyzer, from 30 Mhz to 6 Ghz. On Henrik’s web pages you can find last, improved version. On GitHub are available all the design files

VNA Henrik Forstén

All photos: www.http://hforsten.com

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