High activity on 122GHz

UK Microwave Group 122 GHz over 26km July 2020 amateur radio

In last time 122GHz became one of the most popular microwaves bands.

G4LDR/P (IO91GC68, Stockbridge) receiving 122GHz signal from G8CUB/P (IO91GI25, Coombe Gibbet) over 27km line of sight path. G4LDR/P using the VK transverter (based on 122GHz doppler radar module) with the small 20dBi horn. G8CUB/P using high powersystem with TX power about 10mW to 40dBi antenna. Easy copy of CW. G8ACE/P (using his high power TX (3mW)) also at Stockbridge made a two way contact with G8CUB/P for a new UK record for 122GHz, as of 19th July 2020.
UK mmWave activity day on 19-Jul-2020: This CW Reception is at Stockbridge Down is by John Hazell G8ACE – from Roger G8CUB at Combe Gibbett. The receiver uses an Australian amateur design based on a Silicon Radar TRA122 chip, in the grey box on the back of the dish. An older 122GHz Transmitter is on the right of the Rx in the pictures.
For microwavers the most interesting begins at 50:40 minute …
We then moved to the latest DUBUS magazine and went through the articles in the rest of the magazine following on from last week’s article by David VK5KK on the VK5 version of the 122GHz transverter.

Picture: from video screenshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrh1Uk15AMU

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