hamradio 2020 Friedrichshafen

Many varied topics relating to amateur radio, operating and broadcasting technology, as well as honors, talk groups and interviews will be presented on the Internet by the DARC under the title „HAM RADIOnline“ from June 26 to 29, 2020.
The Software Defined Radio Academy team and the video crew „Fascination Amateurfunk“ are in charge.
The HAM RADIOnline program sees itself as a „replacement“ for the Lake Constance meeting in Friedrichshafen and starts on Friday evening of the last weekend in June.

Together, the DARC and the trade fair company are thus creating a virtual trade fair experience and bringing the volunteers, dealers and manufacturers to your home. The broadcast schedule is available to all Internet users on the DARC website at:  https://www.darc.de/fileadmin/filemounts/gs/oeffständigskeitsarbeit/Veranstaltungen/HAM_RADIO/HAMOnline_Sendeplan.pdf. The HAM RADIOnline program will be further refined and worked on until the end of June. Up to date until the virtual start on Friday, June 26th, it will be updated daily at https://www.darc.de.

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Source: https://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.com/news/2020/ham-radionline/

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