DUR – GHz – Activity Contest

Dresdener UKW Runde DUR Contest

We are always happy when we can promote amateur radio activities on microwaves. Here we bring a rules for DUR contest, Dresdener UKW Runde:

In order to increase the activity on the GHz bands, the Dresdner UKW-Runde in cooperation with the VHF department of the DARC district of Saxony hosts this competition.

Date: every third Sunday of a month between 0800 and 1100 UTC

Participants: all single Operator and Clubstation fixed or portable according to their permission

Calling: CQ DUR (activity)

Frequencies: all amateur bands >1 GHz (1)

Modes: CW, SSB, FM, AM (no operation via active repeaters or EME)

Exchange: per band: RST + sequential number (2) + QTH locator


  • 1 point/km on 23 cm, (activity cup)
  • 2 points/km on 13 cm (and 23 cm QRPP – FM – Rig ≤ 2,5W )
  • 3 points/km on 9, 6 and 3 cm
  • 5 points/km on 24 GHz
  • 10 points/km on 47 GHz, 76 GHz
  • 15 points/km on 122 GHz and
  • 134 GHz 20 points/km on >241 GHz (1)

Activity days:

  • May activity: double score for 6 cm QSO
  • June activity: double score for 3 cm and above (until THz) QSO
  • October activity: double score for 9 cm QSO (4)

Score calculation: monthly (per band); annually (summarizing the achieved points from the months – activity cup)

Results: The results will be distributed to every participant via eMail short before the next activity-contest. In addition, they can be retrieved from http://dl0tud.tu-dresden.de/wordpress.

Awards: place 1-3 in the annual scoring: plaque or cup; place 4-10: certificate

Log submission: one edi logfile per band (3) (pse without multi-calc.) or paper log via email to dur.test@gmx.de or mail to Jens Schmidt (DH0LS), Bachstrasse 3, OT Steudnitz, 07774 Dornburg-Camburg


(1) 0.3 – 1666.666 THz according to AFuV addendum 1 (for §1 Nr 6), Nr. 36, in addition Nutzungsbestimmung 14 (comply to the prohibited bands: http://www.darc.de/uploads/media/Terahertz_Bandplan.pdf)

(2) The sequential number does not need to start with 001 if the DUR-Log submitted is a subset of a log from another contest (only the time of the DUR activity)

(3) Please also submit the common information about your station. Pictures of your station or your QTH are welcome. Log submissions only as .edi (txt) or .jpg (scan of paper log). Do not use foreign formats. Do not insert band multipliers inside the log. QSO within a minor locator field (also between participants that can see each other) will always be counted with 4 points (multiplied by the band factor) – please consider that before your log submission.

(4) in the case 9 cm is not allowed to TX for one of the QSO participants, crossband QSO are counted (RX: 9 cm, TX: 13 cm or 6 cm).

Rules in pdf you can download from <here>

Last results you can find <here>

Thanks to Jens DH0LS on information!

Photo: Photo by Felix Hanspach on Unsplash, On the photo is beautiful town Dresden

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