CONTEST – Vecchiacchi Memorial Day

XII Memorial I5MMC Rino Lencioni contest

Regulation of the 55th edition 7 – 8 December 2019

Participation: all authorized amateurs and SWLs can participate. The same station can participate in different categories as long as they are on different bands.

Dates and times: 7 December – VHF section – from 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm GMT.
8 December – UHF and SHF section – from 08.00 to 12.00 GMT.

Emission methods: SSB and CW in accordance with the band plan.

Categories: fixed stations 144 Mhz (1E)
144 Mhz portable stations (1G)
144 MHz SWL stations

432 Mhz (2E) fixed stations
Portable stations 432 Mhz (2G)
432 MHz SWL stations

Fixed stations 1296-2.3 GHz-5.7 GHz-10 GHz-24 GHz-47 GHz (3E)
1296-2.3 GHz-5.7 GHz-10 GHz-24 GHz-47 GHz (3G) Portable Stations
SWL stations 1296-2.3 GHz-5.7 GHz-10 GHz-24 GHz-47 GHz

Reports: RS (T), progressive number + QTH locator + Province code.

Score: VHF / UHF: one point per km per connection.
SHF: a point at Km per connection, multiplied by the correction coefficient assigned to each band according to the following table:

1 x QSO made in the 1296 band
2 x QSO realized in a 2.3 GHz band
3 x QSO made in 5.7 GHz band
4 x QSO made in 10 GHz band
5 x QSO made in 24 GHz band
6 x QSO made in the 47 GHz band

Multipliers: each Italian province and each country in the ARRL / DXCC list, connected for the first time and for each issuing system, are worth a multiplier (NB the province and the country of origin are valid multipliers) (It should be noted that a name can appear once per band). In the SHF section, the provinces and countries connected for the first time are considered multipliers, in the various emission modes, without taking into account the band used.

Final score: the final score is given by the product between the sum of the QRB and the total of the multipliers:
final score = total SSB / CW points multiplied by the sum of the provinces and countries connected for the first time, in SSB / CW. In the SHF section the QRB will be replaced by the score obtained by applying the correction coefficients of the related bands.

SWL: the name of the station, the report transmitted by it, the progressive number, the WW locator, the abbreviation of the province, the name of the corresponding station and the listening report (NB more than three plays I’m not allowed to have the same correspondent). Beyond the date, the GMT time and bandwidth, the qrb, the multipliers, and the final score must be indicated.

LOG: separate VHF registers must be used for the various sections. For SHFs compile a single register in which the QSOs will be reported in chronological order indicating the band on which the connection took place. The complete records of all information must reach Section A.R.I. from LUCCA c / o Civil Protection Center – ex Barracks Lorenzini – Corso Garibaldi, 53 – 55100 LUCCA within 15 days from the date of the competition or via e-mail to the following addresses: or The Contest has recommended the software “Log del Contest” and/or “JLOG” by Gabriele IZ5HQB ( and QUARTEST of IK3QAR (NB: for each sw must always be installed with the latest version released.) If you wish to use another program, it is advisable to check that this indicates the provinces in the file you want to send, otherwise you can avoid the possible lack by attaching a summary file with the list of multipliers in Word or Excel format The file for sending the register is the one with the extension .EDI.

Prizes: the first three winners of each category will be awarded. The prizes will be awarded in one of the VHF and up conventions. (Romagna, etc.) Or these will be sent by post.

Special prize: the station with the highest score among those participating in the competition with these characteristics will be assigned: portable station from a position that is at least 1500 meters high and 5w maximum power and which is obviously not among the top 3 places in the ranking by category. The above applies to categories 144 and 432: a prize for 2 m and one for 70 cm

Portable stations: portable stations are those that will work outside the
Q indicated on the general authorization. It must be respected following conditions: autonomous power supply (battery, generator of current, etc.), it is not allowed to use antennas already installed, poles or permanent pylons and the like. It is not possible to use housing facilities permanent (houses, containers, etc.) is allowed the use of cars, campers, caravans, and tents. In all other cases the stations, while operating in portable mode, will be included in the “Fixed stations” categories

Chat and cluster: we certainly don’t want to limit

Link on Italian webpage with rules:

Who was Francesco Vecchiacchi see >here<

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