50 MHz & Up Group – Web Pages with archive

Mike Lavelle K6ML 50 Mhz & Up Group hamradio microwave

On 50 MHz & Up Group web pages is possible to find a lot of very interesting microwave articles: A hybrid SDR made from the mcHF UI board and the HackRF front end, Gary, K6MG, May 2020 Millimeter Wave Path Selection and Propagation Prediction, Mike, K6ML, April 2020 New World Distance Record on 122GHz, Mike, K6ML, April 2020 Low noise…

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EU2AA – Web of the Week


We found again one interesting web. EU2AA web pages bring a lot of technical projects like antennas, power amplifiers (especially for 2.4GHz), SDR Pluto… Direct link on Vladimirs web pages: https://eu2aa.com/ Link on technical pages: https://observablehq.com/@eu2aa Vladimir is also on GitHub: https://github.com/eu2aa Enjoy reading and don’t forget Google translate is your friend :-)! Photos: EU2AA

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