RF lecture series

Jeffrey Walling RF lecture series

Jeffrey Walling posted on YouTube a very interesting RF lecture series. Mr. Walling is Principal Engineer at Qualcomm and Professor on the University of Utah. He is an Experienced electrical engineer with emphasis on CMOS mixed signal, analog and RF circuit and system design. We believe, soon coming more lectures. Also, on Mr. Walling YouTube channel you can find a…

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How to Design a Stable High Frequency Amplifier

Stable High Frequency Amplifier

This short video series introduces stability analysis in high frequency circuit design. Stability analysis is becoming much more critical in modern high frequency applications because gain and coupling cause new problems to arise that are not easy to resolve in the lab. The first video is an introduction, presenting an example where a popular stability design technique called K-factor (or…

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Mini-Circuits® Blog

Mini-Circuits Blog

Many of us use Mini-Circuits® products like directional-coupler, attenuators or mixer. Mini-Circuits® has a great Blog and we believe everyone will find something interesting and useful. Also is interesting to visit Mini-Circuits social media pages: Mini-Circuits YouTube channel Mini-Circuits Facebook pages Mini-Circuits Twitter account Mini-Circuits Linkedin and Mini-Circuits Instagram profile Enjoy reading! Photo: Mini-Circuits Facebook pages

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New Icom IC-705 QRP all mode transceiver

Icom IC-705 IC 705

At Orlando Hamcation 2020 is presented a new IC-705, the rig will be released in April of this year (hopefully). The small package offers a lots of functions, like a big base station. A new rig can also be a interesting for microwave transverters. Supported will be 0.5W output mode what is useable for many transverters. We can’t find info…

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