B.Sc. or M.Sc. in amateur radio?!?!

FH Munster DK2FD

Bachelor or Master’s degree in amateur radio? Yes, something like that offers an FH Münster – University of Applied Sciences, in Germany. Sounds great? We think also! If you choose this possibility you will study high-frequency technic on the amateur-friendly university. The most important person in this story is professor Dirk Fischer DK2FD. He is head of the laboratory for…

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Proceedings of Microwave Update 2019

Microwave Update 2019

North Texas Microwave Society (with ARRL) published Proceedings of Microwave Update 2019 with many great articles. Our short choice: 3D Printed Feedhorns for 10 GHz; Paul Wade, W1GHZ 134 GHz Transverter; Roger Ray, G8CUB A Method to build your own Waveguide to Coax Transition; Bob Stricklin, N5BRG Impedance Matching Techniques for RF & Microwave Circuit Design; Tom Apel, K5TRA ….…

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122GHZ Project by VK3CV – Crowdfunding


Many of you are already familiar with the project of 122GHz transverter from Tim VK3CV. Now, he started a crowdfunding campaign. Prices are very reasonable and except transverter board (blank or assembled), you can also buy a chaparral style feed horn with a coupler or only conical horn. All details about the campaign you can find on https://fundrazr.com/122GHzProject?ref=ab_5Gs3W2PhPXJ5Gs3W2PhPXJ More info…

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Project “SPECTRE”

Spectre spectrum analyzer

Before few days we wrote about homemade Vector Network Analyzer, now we found on internet an interesting DIY Spectrum Analyzer. Project “SPECTRE” is a 2.7 GHz Spectrum Analyser based on the RF-Explorer 3G+ Shield. SA cover spectrum from 15 MHz to 2.7 GHz with dynamic range -130 dBm to +10 dBm. All info and documentation you can find on https://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/Arduino-Project-SPECTRE.php…

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