How to Design a Stable High Frequency Amplifier

Stable High Frequency Amplifier

This short video series introduces stability analysis in high frequency circuit design. Stability analysis is becoming much more critical in modern high frequency applications because gain and coupling cause new problems to arise that are not easy to resolve in the lab. The first video is an introduction, presenting an example where a popular stability design technique called K-factor (or…

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Mini-Circuits® Blog

Mini-Circuits Blog

Many of us use Mini-Circuits® products like directional-coupler, attenuators or mixer. Mini-Circuits® has a great Blog and we believe everyone will find something interesting and useful. Also is interesting to visit Mini-Circuits social media pages: Mini-Circuits YouTube channel Mini-Circuits Facebook pages Mini-Circuits Twitter account Mini-Circuits Linkedin and Mini-Circuits Instagram profile Enjoy reading! Photo: Mini-Circuits Facebook pages

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New Icom IC-705 QRP all mode transceiver

Icom IC-705 IC 705

At Orlando Hamcation 2020 is presented a new IC-705, the rig will be released in April of this year (hopefully). The small package offers a lots of functions, like a big base station. A new rig can also be a interesting for microwave transverters. Supported will be 0.5W output mode what is useable for many transverters. We can’t find info…

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Kuhne G3 10GHz Local Oscillator adjustment

VK4GHZ Kuhne G3 10GHz LO adjust

Adam VK4GHZ had a problem with the Kuhne G3 10GHz transverter. Problem was with Local oscillator and Adam described the solution <here> From Adam`s blog: I was caught by surprise out in the field the other day, when my new Kuhne MKU 10 G3 432 appeared to not work. But it worked fine on the shack bench. Kuhne are very secretive about…

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The Best Software Defined Radios (SDRs) for 2020

HackRF One Software Defined Radio

On web page oneSDR you can read interesting articles about SDRs “The Best Software-Defined Radios (SDRs) for 2020”. Maybe can help you to choose a new toy for your lab or shack. “After extensively researching Software-defined Radios (SDR), we think the HackRF is the best product. It covers the most popular frequency range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz which includes everything…

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SP6T Wideband RF Switch (5 – 3000 MHz)

Aditya Mukherjee SP6T Wideband RF Switch

Aditya Mukherjee published on a very interesting project of SP6T wideband RFswitch, useable from 5 to 3000MHz. Technical features in short: 5 MHz to 3000 MHz operation Excellent insertion loss and decent isolation performance Compatible with 3.3V logic No DC blocking 2000V HBM ESD Rating on All Ports 3V to 5V operation Low power device (≈100μA current draw) Entire…

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