Two cheap QRP PAs for the 2.4 GHz uplink satellite QO-100

OK1UFC power booster wifi for hamradio

Mira OK1UFC described two possibilities of how to use cheap small power amplifiers for boosting signal on 2.4GHz. If you love QRP and don’t mind the reports you receive for weaker, but sufficient signals on the QO-100 satellite for communication, you have several options for which PA to get. Link on original article <link> Enjoy reading!

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LimeSDR Mini Ground-Station for Es’Hail-2

Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ/M0HXM (more info has built ground station based on LimeSDR Mini. The signal from SDR is amplified first with  GALI-84 driver amplifier and then with a purposed 100W amplifier for UMTS . For downlink Daniel uses LNB. Full description of these project with much useful information you can find on: Support Daniel’s work: All photos:

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