RF Signal Generator up to 6GHz

rf signal generator

From Josh Johnson comes a very interesting project of RF Signal Generator which is useable up to 6GHz. RF Signal Generator is capable of sweeping between 23.5 MHz and 6GHz, with -35 to +15 dBm of output power (-25 to +10 guaranteed). More info about RF Signal Generator and of other interesting projects you can find od Josh webpages. Photo:…

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New IARU VHF – UHF – µWave Newsletter

IARU VHF UHF µWave Newsletter

Here is available for download a new IARU R1 VHF – UHF – µWave newsletter, 86th editions. The newsletter contains the next articles: IARU-R1 25th General Conference 2020 IARU_R1 contests and Multi-operator categories in 2020 IARU-R1 ATV Contest Award ceremony 2020 IAC – Italian Activity Contest Youth contesting program (YCP) 50 MHz Spectrum Access 50 MHz Innovation & Planning 23cm Band…

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24 GHz EME Transverter by DB6NT


An excellent description of 24 GHz EME setup from Michael DB6NT. Originally on German, but here is Google translated on English. Compilation of technical information about my 24 GHz EME Transverter.Since I had tried in vain for a few years, for my 120 watt TWT TH3864C. To get power supply, I decided to walk the way with a modified RW1127…

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moRFeus – A field-configurable wideband frequency converter and signal generator

MoRFeus A field-configurable wideband frequency converter and signal generator

“MoRFeus is a 30 MHz–6 GHz field-configurable Fractional-N wideband frequency converter and signal generator. Its LCD display and button interface enable dynamic field-level configuration – from switching between signal generator and other modes, to setting the local oscillator frequency and more. It was designed for wideband frequency up- and down-conversion – with an LO frequency range of 85 MHz–5.4 GHz…

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RF lecture series

Jeffrey Walling RF lecture series

Jeffrey Walling posted on YouTube a very interesting RF lecture series. Mr. Walling is Principal Engineer at Qualcomm and Professor on the University of Utah. He is an Experienced electrical engineer with emphasis on CMOS mixed signal, analog and RF circuit and system design. We believe, soon coming more lectures. Also, on Mr. Walling YouTube channel you can find a…

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