JA1WQF successfully decoded W5LUA on 47088.1 MHz EME


Great news from EME reflector: JA1WQF Mitsuo was able to successfully decode W5LUA’s 47088.1 MHz QRA-64D signal today Feb 10, 2020. These were one way tests with only me transmitting. At the moment Mitsuo is only running 1 watt but is actively working on a 10 watt amplifier. I run a 30 watt TWT which produces about 25 watts at…

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EME “Big Gun” 10 Megawatts!!

EME moonbounce

The I.A.R Radio Telescope (Argentine Institute of Radio Astronomy) with 30 Mts dish antenna, will be active at 1296 MHZ.With a power of 10 Megawatts E.I.R.P., active six days, in phone (SSB), CW and JT65 modes, between October 29 until November 3.https://www.iar.unlp.edu.ar/https://www.facebook.com/iargreat2/?ref=br_rs Setup:Parabolic dish: 30 Mts. F/D= 0.42Equatorial mount.Gain in 1296 Mhz: 50 db.Feed: Septum with choke.LNA: 23 Db- 0.7…

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