Only Single OP Category

DARC no UKW contest

DARC UKW contests in April and May will be without Multi OP and portable station. Google translated: Because of the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions, the two VHF contests will be held in April and May WITHOUT the multi operator classes. In addition, NO logs are accepted from stations that broadcast with the addition / P. We appeal to…

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DUR – GHz – Activity Contest

Dresdener UKW Runde DUR Contest

We are always happy when we can promote amateur radio activities on microwaves. Here we bring a rules for DUR contest, Dresdener UKW Runde: In order to increase the activity on the GHz bands, the Dresdner UKW-Runde in cooperation with the VHF department of the DARC district of Saxony hosts this competition. Date: every third Sunday of a month between…

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Winter QRP Contests

BBT contest Der Bayerischer Bergtag

Don’t miss QRP contests next weekend: Der Bayerische Bergtag  – Winter part: Datum Tag UTC MEZ Band Log 01.02 Samstag  09:00-11:00  10:00-12:00  1.296 GHz  17.02 11:00-13:30 12:00-14:30 2.320 GHz  17.02 11:00-13:30 12:00-14:30 3.400 GHz  17.02 11:00-13:30 12:00-14:30 5.760 GHz  17.02 02.02 Sonntag 09:00-11:00 10:00-12:00 432 MHz  17.02 11:00-13:00 12:00-14:00 144 MHz  17.02 22.02 Samstag 09:00-13:00 10:00-14:00 24 GHz und höher…

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