725GHz first QSO!!!

DB6NT first 725GHz QSO

Michael DB6NT and Andreas DB2NP made on 20th July 2020 first-ever QSO on 725Ghz! Congratulation for these great achievement! More info on German you can find here: http://www.db6nt.de/fileadmin/userfiles/_pdf/download_archiv/Erstverbindung-im-725-GHz-Amateurband.pdf or on Danish here: https://vushf.dk/forst-i-verden-cw-qso-pa-725-ghz/ Google translate is your friend 🙂 Photo: from DB6NT pdf

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LNA – Protecting Sensitive Components


Sensitive low noise amplifiers (LNAs) in radar or radio receivers cannot tolerate large input signals without sustaining damage. What’s the solution? Receiver-protector limiter (RPL) circuits, the “heart” of which typically comprises PIN diodes, can be utilized to protect sensitive components from large input signals without adversely affecting small-signal operation. RPL circuits do not require external control signals. These circuits comprise…

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hamradio 2020 Friedrichshafen

Many varied topics relating to amateur radio, operating and broadcasting technology, as well as honors, talk groups and interviews will be presented on the Internet by the DARC under the title „HAM RADIOnline“ from June 26 to 29, 2020.The Software Defined Radio Academy team and the video crew „Fascination Amateurfunk“ are in charge.The HAM RADIOnline program sees itself as a…

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