68th anniversary of the first 23cm QSO in OK

OK1VR 23cm QSO amateur radio

Very nice anniversary of first QSO on 23cm in OK. We bring here short info about these QSO, but you can read the full article OK2KKW web pages.

On 31st August 1952, the first two-way connection was made at 1215 Mc / s between the stations OK1KW and OK1VR at a distance of 4.6 km. The figure indicates the order of the station OK1KW (To the article “Single oscillator for 1215 Mc / s”)*

Link on a full article on the Czech language http://www.ok2kkw.com/kv1952/23cm_ok1kw1952.htm

*Google translated from the original article.

Pictures from OK2KKW web pages, original article

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