Tensorbundle – interesting website

Tensorbundle microwave

Tensorbundle isn’t a hamradio webpage but is interesting for any microwavers. The founder of this webpages is Nazmul Hasan, electrical and computer engineer. He established the world’s first CST based antenna design channel called Tensorbundle during his senior years of undergrad in 2011, which now contains free antenna design, electromagnetics, and IC design tutorials. Tensorbundle webpage: https://tensorbundle.wixsite.com/home Tensorbundle YouTube channel:…

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B.Sc. or M.Sc. in amateur radio?!?!

FH Munster DK2FD

Bachelor or Master’s degree in amateur radio? Yes, something like that offers an FH Münster – University of Applied Sciences, in Germany. Sounds great? We think also! If you choose this possibility you will study high-frequency technic on the amateur-friendly university. The most important person in this story is professor Dirk Fischer DK2FD. He is head of the laboratory for…

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