2.4 GHz TX with LimeSDR & EDUP WiFi PA

Lime sdr

Very interesting article from M1GEO about how to make a 2.4GHz transmitter using a Lime SDR and WiFi amplifier.

EDUP 8W Wifi amplifier

In last time WiFi amplifiers are a very popular choice for cheap and usable source to amplify the signal on 2.4GHz or 5.7GHz. Especially are popular for use in setups for communication on Es’Hail-2 (QO-100) satellite. On the internet, you can find more test and instruction about how to use WiFi amplifier for amateur radio use.

Link: https://www.george-smart.co.uk/2019/03/limesdr-edup-pa/

Photo: www.limemicro.com, www.george-smart.co.uk

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