13cm and 9cm bands in Sweden

Sweden 13cm 9cm bands

Before a few days, Lars SM4IVE posted info about 13cm and 9cm bands in Sweden after 1.1.2020:

“Latest nerws from Swedish PTT (PTS) that by 1 Jan 2020 no more
temporary licens for 13 cm & 9 cm will be approved in Sweden
lars SM4IVE”

Original: http://mailman.pe1itr.com/pipermail/moon-net/2019-November/041034.html

This is not nice info and we are worried also about microwaves radio amateurs in other countries. How is the future of microwave bands for radio amateurs use is really not easy to say. 5G is a big business and big money is in the game. We can only use these bands what is possible more and try to save our bands through our organizations.

About info from Sweden we collected some info more:

Sweden PTS: https://www.pts.se/sv/nyheter/radio/2019/pts-skjuter-fram-tilldelning-av-frekvenser-i-35-ghz–och-23-ghz-banden/

OK1VPZ: http://www.ok2kkw.com/more/9cm.txt

Southgatearc: http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2019/november/sweden-2-3-and-3-4-ghz.htm#.XeU-0JP0nIU

VUSHF frequencies in Sweden, SSA Sveriges Sändareamatörer (pdf): https://www.ssa.se/download/sektioner/vushf/bandplaner/VUSHF-frequencies-in-Sweden-V6.0.pdf

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