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UK Microwave Group 122 GHz over 26km July 2020 amateur radio

We are collected for you videos about 122GHz activity from past 30 days. Enjoy watching!

VA3ELE FN03DO working VA3TO FN03DO on 122GHz CW – 3.6km LOS
122GHz K6ML/b at 8km – Copying K6ML/b from Mountain View Parking Garage, 8km. Cwid is 6db above noise.
122GHz K6ML/b 1km – K6ML/b at 1km from Coyote Hill Rd. Using 2’ Cassegrain dish.
WB2BYP at 4.9 km on 122 GHz – Horn antennas (21 dBi) and 0.5 mW at both ends of the path. Excited to see what’s possible on this band and encouraged after this contact! See my next video also, which shows the same path, but with a small surplus DSS dish on the west end of the link.
WB2BYP at 4.9 km on 122 GHz with DSS dish at WB2BYP
Worked K2DH at 0.65 km for the first QSO on 122 GHz for both of us. We were using our newly built transverters and 21-dBi horn antennas. This is the tail end of the contact. Good to shake things out and verify that they’re working!
122 GHz signals at 0.7 km
My side (K2UA) uses a 21-dBi conical horn antenna. The other side (WB2BYP and K2DH) initially were using an 18-inch offset dish, then switched to the same type of horn antenna I was running. Horn to horn, signals were 35 dB out of the noise as measured by K2DH. The dish is obviously far more than that!
SP3ELF – First 122GHz trx tests. Beacon test – 8m distance. Receiving and transmitting only on antennas integrated.
122GHZ S52LO S57NML and Andraz
VA3TO working VA3ELE on 122 GHz @ 3.5km – Both stations were using VK3CV transverters (500 uW) with 21 dBi conical horns. We set up on bridges with a visual LOS path between Mississauga Rd & Mavis Rd over Highway 401 just west of Toronto. The temperature was 20°C (70°F) with 55% humidity and moderate winds. Both of us were using the internal 10 MHz reference so the drift/instability is quite apparent. A 1pps GPS signal was previously connected for around one hour then disconnected for this test. External 10 MHz OCXO upgrades pending. Excuse the sloppy CW, we had no sidetone 🙂
VA3ELE FN03DO working VA3TO FN03DO on 122GHz CW – 3.6km LOS
RSGB 2019 Convention lecture – 122 GHz and Up – G0FDZ Chris is a very well-known and respected microwaver who is constantly ‘pushing the frontiers’ in the higher microwave bands. His talk covers the 122, 134 and 241 GHz bands and beyond and the equipment that is typically used. He also covers the operating challenges to enable the record breaking contacts to be made.
122 GHz K8ZR & KB8VAO @ 3.8km 400Hz filter 30 August 2020
K8ZR – KB8VAO 122 GHz QSO. EN91IS81GU – EN91JS23AW
8/21/2020 122 GHz CW QSO 2.769 Km or 1.72 Miles
VK3CV 122GHz pcb receiving G8CUB/P at 27Km by G8ACE
First at a distance reception on 122 GHz using the VK3 pcb with TRA122 ic. Antenna 35cm Cassegrain G8ACE transmitter in the background to the right
122 GHz from K8ZR, Tony at Fairport Harbor, OH 3.8 km distance.
První pokusy s transvertorem VK3CV na 122 GHz
Jedná se o první pokusy s transceivrem dle VK3CV na stole v součinnosti s mým 12 let starým 122 GHz zařízením. Patrné je kolísání kmitočtu s použitím GPS 1 pps.
Pokusy s transvertorem VK3CV
Munkebo Bakke – Enebærodde 122 GHz

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