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Opera digital transmission mode on 122.4 GHz received at a distance of 52 Km

Opera in use on 122.4 GHz from G8ACE/P Butser Hill to G8CUB/P Walbury Hill a distance of 52Km A PC is used to decode the Manchester Encoded CW which is shown towards the end of this clip At the time of posting this clip 52Km is thought to be the best distance achieved in the UK so far. You may notice the Opera decoding screen gives a frequency of 50701 this just happens to be the frequency assigned in Opera for use on millimetric bands and is not the transmit frequency in actual use.

Link: https://youtu.be/ATbTJUY5e1I

Butser Hill to Walbury Hill 52kM G8ACE Reception on 122 GHz at Walbury

G8ACE/P 122 GHz FM from Butser Hill to Walbury Hill Hampshire 52Km distance with reception at Walbury Hill by G8CUB/P. Best quality audio due to better camera positioning is one minute from video start. This is a best UK distance so far on 122 GHz its thought The filename says 134 GHz but this is an error and cannot be corrected without reposting the video.

Video: https://youtu.be/6-ooidYodlE

Picture and text source: from the original video, UK8ACE YouTube channel

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